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October 11, 2017 - Issue 1


New Book: "Kubernetes: Up and Running"

Heroku Now Supports Docker Images

New Docker Certification

Docker Updates

Highlight: Adds --chown option to ADD/COPY build commands

Docker Hub Updates

Kubernetes Updates

Highlights: Workload Diversity, Extensibility, Security Improvements, Cluster Stability, Service Automation

DNS Vulnerability in Kubernetes 1.5.0 - 1.7.6

If you're using Google Container Engine, this has already been patched for you.


Prevent Vulnerabilities in Production with Anchore

While Docker hobbyists often ignore basic security, that's not an option for professionals working with production systems.

Anchore gives you the power to prevent critical vulnerabilities from putting your company at risk.

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Featured Topic: Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Kubernetes: AWS vs Google Cloud Platform

Kubernetes on AWS Overview

Kubernetes on AWS with kops

6 Part Series by Igor Cicimov:

Kubernetes on AWS with Ansible

Kubernetes on AWS with CoreOS's Tectonic

Kubernetes vs Amazon ECS

The pros/cons articles are a little dated (2016 and 2015), so you may want to check out the ECS updates to see what has been improved since then.

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